Review: More balls than most by Lara Morgan

For anyone who has entrepreneurial aspirations or would like to gain ‘know how’ with a twist of personality should buy this book.

Lara Morgan is an exceptionally straight talking woman who freely admits how her early years of success were reliant upon her drive, passion and abilities of leading by example.

Of course mistakes were made, opportunities seized upon and people engaged with very intimate details of emotions felt and a transition of personal growth that made you feel you were really close to the journey made. This direct insight to a person’s challenging life journey was inspirational enough to make the reading experience worthwhile.

Morgan dos a lot of public speaking and you get a huge sense of that as the book is written in a conversational fluid style which combined with the illustrative method of chapter goals, example laden narrative and summarising with the strikingly effective Lara’s Laws make it a very good book.

Price £ 9.09


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