3 amazing smartphone gadgets that make your phone even smarter

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It’s truly amazing how mobile phones have evolved. From merely being used for voice calls, the dawn of the smartphone means we can now perform various functions ranging from taking photos and videos, enabling video calls, browsing the internet to streaming music and movies.

And just when you thought nothing more can make your smartphone smarter than it already is, there come along super clever gadgets that blow your mind. Let’s take a look at these three gadgets that you can attach to your smartphone to make it perform remarkable functions.


Botiful is a genius telepresence platform for Android smartphones that gives you a better experience with the person you are speaking with during a video call. When connected to this device, your view will no longer be confined to how the person you are talking to is holding his or her smartphone during your video call. You can have access to a 360-degree view of the place, remotely controlling your bot, even go from one spot to another.

To operate, download the required software then call your bot through Skype. This gadget has motion controls enable you to move Botiful around the place. Parents can even play with their kids using this bot while they are away on a trip. And because this techie tool is just a few inches bigger than your phone, it is small enough to crawl into practically anywhere!

Pico Genie A100

Say goodbye to heavy projectors, and welcome this portable speaker-enabled projector that is as small as your iPhone. Attach this brilliant piece of technology to your phone like you would an iPhone case, place it on your desk facing the wall, turn the lights off, and you are set to view the crisp, bright 60-inch projection. The Pico Genie has built-in 2W speakers that produce a sound-boosting effect. This nifty tool can operate from 1.5 to 3 hours, so you can actually watch a full-length movie uninterrupted!

This handy gadget gives so many new possibilities to the use of projectors. Aside from the usual presentations and videos, you can also use the Pico Genie A100 for intensifying and making your online experience much more enjoyable. Those who enjoy online gameplay are utilisers of high-quality projectors, using them to improve their gameplay experience from high-graphic games to simpler free spin online casino games. Imagine having the visuals and sounds of online casino games intensified as you play Live Exclusive Roulette and Live Blackjack Lobby, making you feel like you are actually on the casino table with the dealer. And playing movie-themed games like Ted and Mighty Arthur can put a whole different spin on your cinematic experience.

Square Register

Square Register is a technological breakthrough that beats the old point of sale transaction system. It makes use of the smartphone’s mobility to enable users to accept any credit card payment anytime, anywhere. The buyer conveniently signs on the smartphone to authorize secure payment. To ensure fraud-free transactions, the buyer’s information is encrypted prior to the initiation of processing.

The Square Register consists of two displays, one for the buyer and the other one is for the business. The customer facing screen allows buyers to choose among Apple Pay, other contactless payment methods, and physical credit or debit cards. This tool is relatively easier to use and much cost effective.

The mobile technology seems to be limitless in growth and development. With these recent advancements in this technology, the future is definitely something we can all look forward to with much excitement!


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