adds free VoIP Audio Conferencing for its users

The new VoIP calling works in conjunction with a screen sharing session and is available for free for all users, with no registration or additional downloads required. works on any PC or Mac via a web browser or a desktop app, as well as on the iPhone and iPad via a free app. The company says that the Android app, already available for free on the Android Market, will be updated to add the new VoIP capabilities in the near future.

The new VoIP calling works with both the free service, as well as pro, a premium version of the collaboration service.

As part of their flat monthly subscription, pro users also receive unlimited domestic and international conference lines, as well as the ability to have sessions that blend the VoIP and the teleconference lines into a single conversation.  In addition, join.mepro users benefit from simple, on-screen muting and chime controls to better manage participation.

“The new audio options add a new level of hands-free collaboration for our staff and customers alike, especially when collaborating with teams across the US, UK and Australia,” said Scott Conway, Managing Director at Brafton, Inc., a news and content marketing agency.  “We love the fact that we can have attendees call into a single bridge via VoIP or telephone line, and more easily manage participation in larger conversations.  Best of all, I can control most of the conference right from the app.”

“VoIP has been one of the most requested features from users looking for a better way to share.  With this release we’ve added an audio component that we believe is as powerful and easy to use as itself –adding value without the complexity,” said Lou Orfanos, Director of Collaboration Products for LogMeIn.  “Whether it’s a sales pitch or a brainstorm, we believe sharing and collaborating should be frictionless and easy so people can focus on the task at hand, not the logistics of a meeting. ”


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