Stressed-out bosses look to recruit ‘can-do’ staff

Despite anxieties about technology, the majority of SME managers admit it has helped to increase productivity.

The findings, of the virgin media report,  highlight the need for British businesses to get a more rounded skill-set from the next generation of office workers as traditional corporate Britain changes with technology playing a more important role.

The right kind of attitude is then followed by specialist skills in areas such as IT, and higher education qualifications.

Tony Grace, Chief Operating Officer of Virgin Media Business, said: “Top bosses need not stress about technology and hiring the right people to use it is the best way to go about this. We’re seeing having a familiarity with technology becoming as important as having a higher education degree. Companies are now keen to get their hands on workers who understand technology and have the right kind of attitude to cope with it. Our research shows there is a real desire for a workforce that has a blend of skills.

“Of course, one of the more immediate ways of reducing the strain that technology causes is carefully choosing your suppliers. By understanding the frustrations and challenges that businesses face, a supplier can work closely with them to deliver unique services that release them from the anxieties and stresses they may have.”


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