Under Review: Quickbooks 2012

If you’re familiar with QuickBooks, you’ll find new features and capabilities.These include an element called Excel Integration Refresh. Before, you could export reports to Excel. Now you can modify fonts, cell formats, formulae and more and when you refresh the worksheet the new data and format changes are carried over.

There are neat additions like the facility to create one invoice that can be sent to lots of customers, and Batch Timesheets where asingle timesheet can be created for employees, say, who share the same hours worked. Once entered for one person, it processes all the timesheets at once.

If you’re a current user but haven’t updated for a couple of years or more, the changes here are worth the move, though if you have the edition that came out last year, you may feel you can wait another year without missing out on too much.

If you’re new to accounting software, there’s much to like here, and the focus of this update has largely been to do with usability, so it’s a good time to get aboard.

A new Express Start feature is handy here. It begins with something called an EasyStep Interview, which takes company information from name to type of business, explaining details as it goes.

It’s a comprehensive but painless interview and by the end you’ll have set whether or not to use invoices, statements, bill-tracking, stock tracking and more.

There are lots of functions that can now be done with one click: after a little set-up common activities like creating an estimate, for instance, is easy for future transactions.

Accounting software is there to give you more time for everything else your business needs to do and there’s no doubting the time savings QuickBooks offers.

However, are there better options available, like cloud-based variations led by Kashflow, -although Quickbooks also has a cloud offering – which could enable you to invoice, or check customer balances whilst on the move allowing you to really focus productive time, well productively and not tied down to the one PC with the ‘accounts on it’

Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2012

Business Matters Rating
3 out of 5



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