5 ways to grow your facial hair faster


The hipsters came, they saw, and they conquered. When it came to bringing the beard back to popularity amongst men hipsters lead the charge.

Those who already had beards suddenly looked cool, and those who struggled to grow a goatee suddenly found themselves trying to cultivate a monstrous looking beard only to realize their genetics had failed them. What was expected to be something of a quick trend has stayed and forged a place in today’s culture.

Meaning those who struggle to grow a luscious, impressive beard have been left wondering what shortcuts they can take to get the beard of their dreams. Being a man lucky enough to have developed a beard, I’ve put together my 5 best ways to help improve your beard and growth.

Here are 5 best ways you can stimulate hair growth:

– Improve your lifestyle

Before you start using any kind of products on your beard, make sure you’re leading the right lifestyle. Do everything you can to increase your level of testosterone: that means avoid stressful situations, cut back on alcohol and cigarettes, exercise as much as you can and above all, make sure you get enough sleep every night.

All of these factors need to be taken into account when growing facial hair. It’s also important to have a balanced and healthy diet rich in carbs and essential fatty acids, with medium protein. This type of diet is best for the production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and testosterone, which both help stimulate hair growth.

– Avoid frequent shaving

For decades, people have claimed that shaving or trimming your beard will make it grow quicker and fuller. Unfortunately, this is just a myth that many men believe, but there’s actually no scientific research that proves this theory. So, when growing facial hair just take good care of it and keep the trimmer away.

– Drink lots of coffee

This is probably good news for all men who can’t imagine starting their day without that fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning. But how exactly does it help you improve your facial hair? Well, studies have shown that caffeine improves and increases your body’s natural ability to produce adrenaline. Since we’ve already mentioned that exercising could help with the production of facial hair, adrenaline is the fuel you need to be physically active. And if your physical performance improves, so will your facial hair.

– Always wash and moisturize your beard

If hair care isn’t your priority, it should be, and that includes your facial hair as well. It’s important to keep your scalp healthy since a dry scalp could lead to hair loss. So, when you’re taking care of the hair on your head with shampoos and conditioners, make sure to repeat the process with your beard. This will keep your beard clean and healthy, and the massaging process will improve blood flow, which in turn will stimulate faster hair growth.

– Use CBD hemp oil on your beard

People have cultivated hemp plants for centuries, and one of the many beneficial ways it could be used is for keeping your scalp and hair healthy. CBD Oil is produced with extraction from the hemp plant and is an amazing natural moisturizer with little to no side effects. Industrial CBD is rich in nutrients, essential fatty acids, proteins as well as vitamins A, C and E which makes it perfect for all hair types. So, next time you’re thinking about which oil you should purchase for your beard, the best choice would probably be CBD oil.CBD oil UK sites have now began stocking CBD since the change in CBD oil UK law, making it easier than ever to get your hands on.


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