8 features that make a mobile application a users favourite

Mobile apps have become our fourth basic necessity – besides food, shelter and clothes.

They have transformed our world in multifolds – delivering us the most convenient, quick and profitable solutions. But, do all the mobile application receive the same amount of response from the users?

While some apps like Facebook and Instagram and it’s tweaked versions also which are downloaded from ACMarket Store  are cherished every single day, there are many other applications that are not favored by the users. And the one prime reason behind is the set of features the apps have.

The app features, aka the functionalities your application offers, leaves a momentous impression on how users interact with your application and how much they enjoy being on the platform. So, considering the same, today I, with my years of experience of working in a mobile app development agency, will share some of the features that you must introduce in your app plan and thus, reap higher benefits.

So, here we begin.

  1. Easy Sign Up – No one likes to fill lengthy forms to get a sneak peek of what your app has to offer. So, prevent adding time-consuming and cumbersome sign up registration/login forms to your application. Keep it as concise as possible while asking only for the details that will help in improving their app experience. Also, offer the users an option to login via social media credentials. This will enable them to log in faster while providing you with all the required information from their social media profiles.
  2. More Gestures – While demanding users to type less is one thing, providing them with multiple choices and higher usage of gestures is another way you can improve their experience and make your app rank higher on their favorite list.
  3. Simple and Responsive Design – Many mobile app development companies integrate all the latest technologies, tools and functionalities into their application with an aim to get the attention of more users. However, this does not happen.A mobile app with a plethora of options confuses the audience and make them wonder what step to take next. So, it is imperative for all the app development companies and businesses to create a simple application model which provides the best of the experience of the limited services the app offers.

Besides, designing an application such that it offers the same look and feel experience on all the device screen is also a necessary factor since the app elements, if not placed well, will not only ruin the appearance of the application, but also make it difficult for the users to tap on a particular button/element and take some actions – implying lower possibility of generating sales.

  1. Interactive and Seamless Navigation Flow – The next app feature that you can’t afford neglecting is seamless navigation experience. This is because if your app users find it hard to perform a particular action or find the navigation flow too confusing or boring, they would end up changing their mind and turn towards an alternative application.

So, it is recommended to test the navigation flow of your application and ensure that you derive higher benefits.

  1. Faster Loading and Higher Performance –  Users do not prefer waiting for an app screen/page to load for more than 3 seconds. So, it is again imperative to adopt the tips to boost  your mobile/web app speed by 10x.Likewise, testing your mobile application against all the bugs and errors and ensuring that it does not crash or perform undesirable action at any point of time is also helpful in encouraging users to stay connected with your application platform.
  2. Security – Needless to say, users have grown conscious about the data breaches and look forward to using only those applications that provides a secure mechanism against data theft procedures. So, do not skip introducing the security feature into your app development plan.

Study the market wisely and pick the right security practices and tools and ultimately, deliver a safe and secure experience to your targeted user base.

  1. User Review – Another feature that can boost your app likeliness in the customer world is the feedback option. When you provide customers with an option to share their complaints, suggestions and experience with you, they feel delighted and give you sound knowledge about their app experience. This eventually helps you to determine where your application is lagging behind the best apps and improve it accordingly.
  2. Offline Accessibility – Users prefer using mobile application on the go. In a scenario like this, it is quite possible for them to get into a ‘poor’ or ‘no’ network region. Now, if your application does not offer offline accessibility option, the user’s interaction with your platform will get interrupted which will increase the risk of them exiting the platform forever. So, look forward to introducing the option to interact with your mobile app in offline mode.

The aforementioned are some of the features that make a mobile application gain attention of the target audience and become their favorite. To know about more, consult with a reputed mobile app development company today.


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