Analog digital combo watch with precise time measurement & smart functions


As technology progresses traditional wrist watches are replaced by smart watches, phones and other electronic appliances.

Today you do not see may people wearing a watch, if you ask them why they say they have a smart phone and they do not need a watch just to read time.

These people are occasionally seen fishing for their phones to read the current time. Many wear wrist watch just for fashion not for its function. With new technology and drop in demand for watches, watch making companies shifted their focus toward specialty and luxury watches.

Companies produced excellent watches for the people associated with aviation, marine and extreme land activities like motor racing and mountain climbing.

Robust Iwc Ingenieur with shock, magnetic and water resistance and accurate time measurement, Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph with chronograph function, stainless steel case and water resistance up to 300 meters, Bell and Ross BR01 for ease in readability inspired by aviation instruments and military are few of the greatest watches ever made.

But people today need a watch that can communicate with their smart devices just like smart watch.

Smart watches are not accurate and they have other functions like pedometer, heart rate monitor and notification function that is popular among people. Wrist watches are accurate and because of their craftsmanship, superior quality and innovative features like moon phase, chronograph and lamination they will never be replaced.

Watchmaking companies are trying to incorporate digital functionality with precision time measurement offered by wrist watches. Breitling SA, a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Grenchen, Switzerland has introduced Exospace B55 with smart functionality. The watch comes with low power Bluetooth which connects to a dedicated app provided by the company and notify wearer about new call, message, email or meeting schedule.

Record lap times or set countdown/countup time. Built in lithium-ion battery can last you anywhere from 25-50 days on a single charge. It has significant plus time in battery life over galaxy or apple smart watch. Exospace B55 has Digital perpetual calendar, Chronograph stopwatch with maximum time duration 99:59:59 hours, Mission elapsed time function, 12-24 hour display, 2nd time zone display, battery life indicator and can handle up to 7 alarms.

It also can record flight log with take off and landing times. This is the watch for aviation professionals and pilots. It marks a big leap in companies technological advancement and sophisticated engineering.

You need a watch because watches makes you punctual and a wrist watch is the most convenient way to read or tell the time. The biggest advantage watches have over smart devices is their operating time and low power consumption.

A phone needs to be charged after 8-10 hours of use while a battery powered watch can work for 2 years and an automatic mechanical watch can work for many years without maintenance. Today watches are made with many complicated features beyond basic time function.

Watches can go to extreme environments where a smart phone cannot like 300 meters under water. Watches and in space include chronographs, tide information, moon phase, dedicated subdials for hours, minutes, 2nd time zone display. Chronograph allow a watch to work as stop watch.


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