Best standing desks for home and office

Standing Desk

Today’s work culture involves hectic schedules and long hours of working. It also includes long desk hours, be it sitting or standing.

Also, it has now been proven that a number of health concerns are a consequence of long hours of sitting. Needless to say, there is an urgent requirement for integrating physical activity in your office routine, to offset some of these risks. Nowadays, engineers have started brainstorming on the needs of physical activity for workaholics, and designed some of the best standing desks. So, be it your home, or office, these desks will bring you a step closer to physical well-being, along with a number of other benefits.

What are Standing Desks?

Going strictly by the dictionary definition, a standing desk is one that is designed for reading and writing, in a stand-up position. Desks which use a high stool are also categorized as jestik electric sit stand desk. Generally, the height of a standing desk is designed specifically for the targeted user, but these days, a number of desks are available, which are height adjustable, thus contributing to a larger customer base.

Factors to consider when buying Standing Desks for Home and Office

There are certain things to look for, when you decide to go for a standing desk. These will help you make a better and durable choice. Some of these are:

  1. Space Consideration: The top-most thing to consider while going for a standing desk is whether it will fit into the office or home space. For this, you need to take exact measurements of the amount of space available. Also, the desktop should add on to the productivity and should be able to accommodate all your important things.
  1. Movement and Flexibility: These are the most important factors to look for in a standing desk. After all, you are choosing a standing desk to combat monotony caused due to sitting. Hence, a standing desk should be able to offer more room for movement.
  1. Programmability and Ease of Use: Height adjustable standing desks are included in this. Those which come with automatic motors, provide an easier use and flexible ergonomics whenever we require.
  1. Leg Fatigue: This factor is not completely related to the design of the desk. Desks which offer ample movement also prevent leg fatigue. However, to counter the problem of leg fatigue, simple measures like wearing support shoes and adding a gel mat can go a long way.
  2. Design and Size of the DeskTop: It goes without saying that the design of the DeskTop should be such, that it accommodates all your important material, and is able to support the weight of the same. Also, a Desk top with a dull design may reduce productivity.

Best Standing Desks for home and Office

  1. SmartDesk 2 (Business Edition):This is a rock solid office desk, designed by. Built on a sturdy steel frame, it has massive lift quality ranging from 220-300 lbs. Another point which differentiate desks here at Autonomous.AI, from others, is the top-class finishing and the modern painting techniques, which are being used by the auto-industry.  The desk is built on a 2-pillar platform, which is suitable for people who are looking for more space for movement and relaxation. What’s more, our customers get to add a personal touch to their choice of Smartdesk2 and can also choose a size which fits their needs. The available sizes are 53” x 30” and 71” x 30”.
  2. SmartDesk 2 (Home Edition):If you like to work from home, SmartDesk2is the ideal choice for you. This is a fully automatic height adjustable desk that can cater to both sitting and standing needs of our customers. This is done by a powerful electric motor with button interface (programmable) which lets users choose among 4 presets. The size of the desk is 52” which is spacious enough to accommodate your desktop, electronic gadgets, and other useful things.


If you wish to integrate healthy lifestyle into your workspace, then you can choose Autonomous.AI. The unique and innovative designs of their standing desks make them the trusted choice of over 120,000 companies around the world.


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