Chimney fans for wood-burning stoves

exodraft chimney fan

Chimney fans from exodraft Ltd., also known as flue fans or extractor fans, are highly efficient electric fans for wood-burning stoves, designed to make lighting a breeze by maintaining an optimal and consistent chimney draught.

The chimney fan system consists of a chimney fan connected to either an automatic or manual control unit so that the draught in the chimney can be adjusted as needed. The chimney fan easily installs on top of the chimney and can withstand constant temperatures up to 250 °C. The chimney fan’s impeller is dynamically balanced to reduce vibration, making it very quiet during operation. The chimney fan system also reduces smoke spillage into the room when the oven door is open during refueling.

Function of a chimney fan

The exodraft chimney fan is basically an electric fan. It creates an instant draught in the chimney so that the wood stove receives enough air to burn all day without problems. By creating a negative pressure in the chimney, the chimney fan helps you avoid most of the problems commonly associated with burning solid fuel in the home setting.

The chimney fan is installed at the discharge point of the chimney and creates a vacuum inside the flue, ensuring that smoke and particles are drawn up through the chimney instead of out into the living room.

The speed of the chimney fan can be adjusted via remote control, allowing you to enjoy the fire and the heating of your home at your utmost convenience.

A chimney normally works through natural draught, but, in reality, natural draught is rarely sufficient in and of itself. Natural draught occurs in the flue as a result of the warm air in the flue being lighter than the cold outside air. However, since the flue is cold in the beginning of the lighting process, the draught will naturally be lacking, making it difficult to get the fire going.

Many homes with wood stoves or fireplaces have trouble lighting the fire and experience smoke escaping into the room. Some of the most common culprits are: the flue itself, weather conditions, a ventilation system or cooker hoods in the house as well as other factors affecting the natural chimney draught and thus the efficiency of the chimney.

An exodraft chimney fan enables you to take full control of the chimney flue and achieve ideal conditions, especially during the initial lighting process when the chimney draught is limited.

Installing a chimney fan makes sense if one of the following statements holds true:

  • The chimney is too small – and/or under the rooftop
  • The chimney is too short or too long
  • The fireplace is too large for the chimney
  • Bad design of the chimney and/or too many bends
  • Downdraught occurs, causing smoke to spill into the home
  • Disturbance caused by nearby trees, buildings or the location of the house

Benefits with an exodraft chimney fan installed:

  • Instant draught in the chimney

Flue fans or extractor fans for wood stoves are designed to compensate for the lack of natural draught caused by weather, cold air and/or inadequate chimney length by providing instant mechanical chimney draught.

  • Reduction of smoke and particles

Studies have shown that a chimney fan reduces smoke and particles by up to 80% indoors and up to 20% at the discharge point of the chimney. This is of great benefit to not only yourself, but also your neighbours.

Unique selling points of a chimney fan:

Home-owners with a chimney fan installed experience significant benefits:

  • Clean combustion and improved fuel economy
  • Healthy indoor climate without smoke and particles
  • Quick and easy lighting and refueling
  • Less condensation in the chimney, reducing the risk of chimney fires
  • Easy to use and low maintenance
  • Low power consumption, equivalent to a 60W light bulb
  • Can be used for wood stoves, gas fireplaces, barbecues / grills etc.
  • Chimney fan doubles as a ventilation fan
  • Extremely durable construction that can last for many decades

With an exodraft chimney fan, you get all the benefits of your wood stove without the hassle of difficult lighting or the nuisance and health hazard of smoke and particles inside your home.

For more information, visit the exodraft chimney fans website or contact your local fireplace shop.


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