Global Gaming Expo 2018 will focus on analytics & data science

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For a fact, Data Science has become a primary area of technology investment geared by the effect it can have on operations, risk management, revenues, supply chains, and client relationships.

Thus, a self-service data science platform can indeed increase the productivity of scientists, hence enabling more contributors, ranging from BI engineers, and business analysts, among others, to partake in the process of data science.

With that being said, in this homepage, you will gain insight on how the Global Gaming Expo of 2018 will focus on data science alongside analytics pertaining to the empowerment of the gaming sector for the acceleration of the digital transformation and delivery of a greater effect to their business. 

The Incorporation of Betting Data for Responsible Measures in Gaming (Playtech) 

As American States proceed with the expansion and regulation of new Internet gaming products, expectations alongside opportunities for the improvement of customer protection measures, rise. Steered by the nature of how web-based gaming products all of which require to be registered, operators have the ability to capture detailed client behavior, digitally.

Over the last decade in Europe, the regulations of online gaming have become astronomically high, with regulators alongside governments needing operators to focus more on the use of customer data and improving patterns of gameplay, pertaining to gaming risks. Continuously enhancing and improving responsible gaming measures will become increasingly essential and expected.

During this session, Bet Buddy which is the responsible gaming analytics company of Playtech will expound on the integration of artificial intelligence into daily gaming operations for the better understanding and interaction with your client, thereby ultimately building trust in your web-based gaming brand. 

Big Data- Big Problem 

Data alongside analytics have increased the productivity in the world. However, their full potential is yet to be realized in the casino gaming sector. Thus, Kiran Brahmandam who is the MD of Gaming Analytics will delve into the potential, future, and problems associated with Big Data in the gambling industry. 

Business Innovation and Augmented Analytics (NEC) 

As more firms look into the expedition of their digital transformation, there is an insufficiency of competent data scientists. Augmented Analytics whose focus is on the development of automatic solutions to data exploration, in addition to the insight discovery has been pinned down as the ultimate solution to this issue. Thus, this presentation will discuss how dot Data’s product in the space of augmented analytics can assist in the development of new marketing strategies for the gaming sector, promptly. 

The Conversion of E-sports Gaming with Casino Gaming (Allied E-sports)

Earlier in 2018, Allied E-sports emerged as the first firm to develop a competitive video game destination on The Strip upon debuting E-sports Arena Las Vegas at the renowned Luxor Resort and Casino. Thus, the VP of Commercial Strategy (Edgar Pastrana) will delve into the successes and findings stemming from opening a top-notch E-sports venue in a casino and how the casino and video gaming industries can successfully merge in future. 

The Definition of Data and Digital Strategy in an Evolving Wagering Landscape 

What is the outlook of your data and digital architecture from your integrated resort and customer lifecycle experience? The revenue acquired from non-gambling operations and a growing sports wagering market are giving casino operators the chance of strategically reasoning across their data landscape. Hence, this session will deal with the coverage of approaches for maximizing data and digital impacts, the management of integration risks and the acceleration to digitize both non-gaming and gaming operations. 

The Insights of a Social Influencer: Offering Slots to Millennials

How do casinos lure in millennial players? Well, Brian Christopher who is one of the best social influencers globally will discuss how he lures in the difficult-to-reach Millennials. He will also share his secrets and analytics on what he firmly believes can keep gambling platforms thriving in the ever-growing market.  

Next in Technology: The Application of Artificial Intelligence to Gaming 

Deep neural networks have been behind the speech recognition breakthroughs, genomics, and pattern recognition. Via the repeal of PASPA, deep neural networks are nearly disrupting sports betting with strikingly similar massive impact. Therefore, Dr. McCaffrey will informally but informatively delve into deep neural networks and their functionality without the usage of math jargon or ‘Greek’ letters. Listeners will gain insights on the top-notch efforts applied to sports gambling. 


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