Hair serum benefits and the right way to apply it

Hair serum is turning out to be the solution for every hair problem. Are you’re looking to protect your hairline before heat treatment? hair serum is the answer.

Looking for some shiny locks? Grab some serum! Want to give your hair that soft touch after a shower? Simple, slap some hair serum on it. Trying a new hairstyle? Some hairdressing scissors and a good dose of hair serum should do the trick.

Like most products in the hair and beauty industry, because of the buzz hair serum is receiving, it’s easy to misuse and wash down the benefits that hair serum offers because most users don’t know what benefits it has to offer and how to make the most out of it. After this quick blog, that should be a thing of the past.

What Is Hair Serum?

Away from the multiple adverts and bold headlines, a substantial number of users don’t know what hair serum is, what it’s made from, or how it works.

Hair serum is made from silicone. Unlike hair oil that penetrates the cuticles of the hair and causes the structure of hair to change, serum coats the surface of the hair. The serum is designed to keep hair from getting tangled and give it a soft and shiny appearance.

There are numerous brands of hair serums in the market, each with a different formula that promises the best results. Depending on the results you’re after, you can try and figure out the type or brand that will work best for you.

Who Should Use Hair Serum?

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You only need a quick glance at your hair to know if you should use hair serum. If the hair is dry and damaged and needs some protection between washes or you have tangled mane that needs to be tamed, hair serum could be the solution for you.

Ideally, hair serum works for all types of hair and addresses most hair-related concerns. It’s particularly helpful to hair with dry ends because of chemical processing or tangled and frizzy locks.

With the different types and brands of serum in the market, it’s much easier to find a type that works for you and targets the hair challenges you’re facing.

What are the Benefits of Using Hair Serum?

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  • Protects the hair – Hair serum uses its silicone-base to form a plastic-like protective coating around the shafts of hair. The coating prevents damage from environmental factors like the sun, humidity, and pollutants. It also protects the hair from heat stylings and chemical processing.
  • Reverses damage – If your hair is already damaged, hair serum can help to reverse the damage and prevent harm from befalling your hair.
  • Adds a shine – The shine is one of the reasons hair serum has become so popular. The serum reflects light as it falls on the hair giving lifeless and dull hair a shine full of exuberance and life!
  • Removes tangles – You can make combing hair easier with some hair serum. If conditioners are not doing the trick, hair serum will make the hair fibres softer and smoother for a comb to go through.
  • Reduces hair falling – Some brands of hair serum also have a formula that strengthens hair fibres reducing hair loss and breakage.
  • No stickiness – One of the downsides of using hair oil is the stickiness that is often a magnet to dirt and dust. Hair serums are the opposite. They are lightweight with no stickiness whatsoever which allow for easier management of the hair.

How to Use Hair Serum the Right Way

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Users have different methods they prefer to follow when applying hair serum. While these are not entirely wrong, you can tweak them slightly to guarantee the best results. To help you make the most out of hair serum, here are a few DO’s and Don’ts will help you use hair serum the right way:  

  • DO: Know your hair type and behaviour – As mentioned earlier, there are different types and brands of hair serum, some of which are specially made for particular types of hair. You must consider your type of hair so you can pick the right product. If you have light hair, opt for light hair serum formula.
  • Don’t: Apply the hair serum right away – Depending on the hair concerns you’re battling, some of the serum options you pick might be slightly thicker than others. Applying the thicker serums is often an uphill task as you try to blend the serum into the hair. To make it easier, place the serum in your hands and let it sit for about six seconds. This allows it to soften and liquefy, making it easier to apply.
  • Do: Apply the serum to the ends – Applying the serum to the ends of the hair gives the best shine. When applying serum, it’s recommended to start applying at the ends of the hair as opposed to the roots. You can work your way up as far as the mid-section. Forgoing the roots saves you the annoying greasy look and product build-up that would require more frequent cleaning, which is more traumatising to the hair.  
  • Don’t: Over-apply – with such impressive results, it’s easy to get a little generous with the amounts you apply. Even with thick and long hair, you should keep a close eye on the amount of serum you apply. A pea-sized amount is perfect for fine hair and quarter-sized for thicker hair.  
  • Do: Use hair serum to control those unruly fibres – you can use the serum to control those runaway strands that keep defying hair spray or hair gel. Simply rub a small amount of the serum in your hands and use two fingers to apply while pressing down the runaway strands.
  • Don’t: Apply to unwashed hair – for the serum to achieve the maximum protective results it should be used on clean and freshly washed hair. This helps the serum to form a protective coating that keeps the dust and grime in the environment away from your gorgeous hair.  

There’s no doubt hair serum is a dream come true for every person with a head full of hair. But, with such a great product comes more responsibility to ensure you use it the right way for the best results. After that quick read, you should have everything you need to know about hair serum and how to use it.

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