How can online businesses increase their accessibility?

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Online businesses are able to reach more customers than ever before, thanks to innovative advancements in technology.

Being convenient and accessible is one of the things clients place a high value on and, in the fiercely competitive internet world, businesses need to outdo their rivals in this regard. So what are the best ways that businesses can make use of new technology to increase their accessibility?

Live Chat/Bot Customer Support 24/7

Being able to get assistance on a site at any hour of the day is a nifty feature which is becoming increasingly more common.

When you click on certain websites these days, especially those providing a service, a chat window instantly pops up asking if you need any help. Some people like to browse at their own leisure, but for those with a specific request in mind the chat window can be extremely helpful and a great way to save time.

Sometimes, these chat boxes don’t even need to be operated by real people. Instead, there are chatbots which are programmed to answer frequently asked questions and get customers the answers they need.

Cross Platform Synergy

In 2017, the share of mobile website traffic worldwide surpassed 50 percent, and in 2018 was 52.2 percent. These figures show how smartphones and tablets have overtaken desktops and laptops in terms of usage, but there is still a fairly even split.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever that businesses gear their online content across varying platforms. This can be done in two ways. Some businesses choose to have a separate website for desktop and an app for mobile.

Paddy Power, for instance, has a reliable webpage that allows players to play poker online, but there is also a downloadable app. The other option is to streamline webpages across all platforms using HTML5. Heart of the Arctic is considered to be one of the top HTML5 sites in 2019.

Make use of Live Streaming Technology

Live streaming technology is proving to be one of the most useful ways to reach out to customers in 2019. The platform rose to worldwide notoriety after Facebook introduced it to the public in January of 2017.

Nearly 2 billion people had watched live broadcasts by mid-2018, highlighting its appeal. Businesses have jumped on the live streaming trend and have used it to advertise and promote, as well as make customers feel immersed in certain events.

By live streaming through social media, businesses have the opportunity to reach out to high numbers. Live streaming can also be done from a business page and the link can then be shared elsewhere.

Incorporating all of these methods is a great way to make businesses a lot more accessible. Because a lot of other companies are already using these things, those who fail to adapt could be left behind. As soon as new technology appears, business owners should be thinking how they can put it to good use and boost their customer engagement.

Image: Facebook Live Streaming” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Tony Webster

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