IOTransfer 3 a complete multimedia manager for iPhone and iPad from Windows

IOTransfer 3

Today both our smartphone and tablet have become inseparable companions in our day to day, in part because of the large amount of multimedia content and not only that we can consume, but also produce from themselves.

IPhone and iPad users have iTunes, but the Apple application falls short for what things. That is why it is good to have alternatives in the form of software to transfer content to and from the iPhone (or the iPad), as is the case of IOTransfer, which has already reached its third version


IOtransfer 3 is the best iPhone transferwith it we can easily transfer music between the iPhone, iPad or iPod and a PC with a simple click, as well as make a backup copy of the photos or videos that we have taken from our terminals without having to go through the nuisance of iTunes.

Management of photos and videos:

From the application we can see all the photos and videos of the devices with captures of different sizes, seeing what they occupy and their resolution. When we choose what we want to pass to the PC, it automatically converts the HEIC files into JPG.

Once this is done, we can easily and quickly choose the content we want to eliminate from our terminals in order to save space once we have it safely on the PC.

Music management:

With the iPhone transfer we can easily transfer songs between iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes and PC keeping the information of the artist, album, track and artwork and synchronize the different iOS devices with the same content with a simple click.

We can move from one side to another any music file format supported by iOS, ie MP3, WAV and AAC, as well as eliminate them to save space in a secure way.

Video management:

One of the most useful features of iOTransfer 3 is YouTube video downloader and its ability to export videos (including movies or TV series) from the PC to the iPhone or iPad without loss of quality, in addition to being able to synchronize it between the different iOS devices. You can also download videos from different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

It is also a good way to make a backup copy of the videos that we have taken with the phone and thus keep them safe while saving space in it.

Management of the agenda, podcasts, voice notes and others:

In addition to the multimedia content, with IOTransfer we can back up and secure all our contacts, as well as the podcasts to which we are subscribed, the voice notes that we have taken or the ebooks that we have downloaded.

From the application we can take our agenda to other terminals, as well as edit, add or delete any contact to later synchronize it with the rest of iOS devices.

IOTransfer Video Converter:

If you have ever wondered how to convert videos to play on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, we will not have to go very far, since iOTransfer includes a feature that allows us to pass any type of video format, such as MP4, MP3, AVI , MKV, MOV, FLC or WMV compatible with iOS, with the highest quality.

Once converted, we can synchronize them with any iPhone or iPad, as we have said before. iOTransfer 3 is available for Windows 7/8/10 and is compatible with all devices with iOS 8 or later. We can download a free trial or get an annual license for $ 24.99.

We also have the possibility of acquiring a lifetime license for $ 29.95, which will also allow us to install it on 3 computers.Undoubtedly, a good alternative to manage all the multimedia content of our iOS devices.


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