Microgaming launches Robin of Sherwood slot game

robin hood

Robin Hood is one of the most well-known icons in British history. The moniker Robin Hood doesn’t refer to a person and is rather a very old moniker given to thieves, with Robin sounding just like “robbing.”

But despite Robin Hood not actually existing, the myth of this man who is talented at archery and enjoys stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor and needy has prevailed and people have been keen to engage in media about him.

Microgaming’s Robin of Sherwood Slot Launches

Microgaming, a leading developer of online gaming software, aims to capitalise upon the popularity of the Nottingham-based thief with the launch of its Robin of Sherwood slot game. It promises an adventure through medieval England, complete with rich graphics that make the world of Robin Hood and his merry men come to life on the screen. It borrows from the man of legend by giving players five chances to increase their winnings, choosing between red and green targets that will benefit players if Robin successfully hits one of them.

The Robin of Sherwood slot will be featured by many free casinos with bonuses, including those with no deposit bonuses that don’t require players to pay a deposit fee when signing up. There are also welcome bonuses and free spins for new sign-ups meaning that those who have decided to get into the online gaming game because of Robin of Sherwood’s connection to Robin Hood, they will be able to reap the benefits for their curiosity.

Can We Expect Microgaming to Make More Games Like Robin of Sherwood?

The Robin of Sherwood slot game only launched in July 2018, meaning that it is far too soon to gauge whether the title has been a resounding success and if the Robin Hood connection has been a boon. However, some will already want to know whether Microgaming is planning to develop similar games in the future.

Even at this early stage, it seems quite likely that Microgaming will put together more titles with historical references and links. After all, the developer knows well that links to branded or existing properties can benefit a slot game, having also released a Jurassic Park slot that tied into the iconic action adventure film franchise. Fans of the films will have flocked to that slot in a similar way to how people with a keen interest in medieval mischief may well flock to play Robin of Sherwood.

As for which historical figures it may take on next, that much is unclear. Some of the most well-known figures from medieval British history include the like of King Arthur who is believed to have existed sometime in the 5th or 6th century. There’s also Charlemagne, an emperor, king and a man who led military campaigns as well as grand reforms to finance, education and the arts.

Any of the people mentioned above would make for a fantastic slot adaptation. But whether Microgaming chooses to go down that route following the successful launch of Robin of Sherwood is yet to be seen.


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