New UKGC restrictions and how they affect online casinos


The UK gambling scene is probably the most secured one. One of the best commissions in the industry, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is in charge of supervising gambling activities in Great Britain.

The truth is that the responsible authorities in the United Kingdom make serious efforts to make sure that everything is fair and legal and does not affect the integrity of any individual. Changes regarding legal aspects are being made constantly in order to ensure that playing at an online casino won’t affect your personal life. Players need to keep in mind that this activity should have a sole purpose: to help you enjoy your time in an entertaining environment.

The latest legal changes that occur in the gambling scene refer to updating standards that help protecting children and teenagers from irresponsible gambling ads. In a survey conducted by the UKGC in 2016, it is stated that 0.7% of people aged 16+ in Great Britain are classified as problem gamblers.

Among other restrictions meant to solve this problem, the new regulations include stopping casinos from using the following practices:

  • Targeting groups of individuals who are likely to be under 18 for online ads for gambling products;
  • Using unacceptable types of content that might be appealing to underage individuals such as animated characters from TV shows or movies, celebrities or references to youth culture;
  • Ads appearing in media where children and young people make up more than 25% of the audience.

With these new rules making their way into the industry, both online casinos and affiliates need to adapt their products in order to make sure that they respect all these indications. Third parties need to state that they provide offers only for people who are of legal age, for example. They have to create a clear and informed message, which ensures that they do not incite users to start gambling.

Online casinos too have to make some efforts in order to limit underage gambling. Besides requesting the users to state their age when  they sign up, they also can:

  • State in the footer of the website that playing is restricted for customers who are not 18 years old and any underage gambling activity leads to account ban;
  • Require a proof of identity such as a picture of a birth certificate, ID, or drivers license.

This might result in a longer registration process that some players might not be happy about. It definitely takes a little longer than just typing in a password and a username. However, everything is for a good cause and all online gaming platforms need to comply.

Gambling is a widely-spread activity in the UK, which means that it is a profitable business. However, in order to make sure that things stays under control, the UKGC works constantly to make sure no one is pressured or convinced to pick up this hobby. Preventing underage gambling is an important aspect to help maintain everything in order and it should firstly begin at home. Parents should use passwords and special software to limit their children’s access to online casinos.


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