Simple guidelines for recovering data from raw partition

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Everyday computer users often find themselves battling almost frequently with the inability to access some of their data files.

This can be due to so many reasons but predominantly, Raw partition error and malfunction seems to be leading the chart. You know you are dealing with RAW partition error when you cannot locate already stored files or you find some strange characters in lieu of your supposedly existing files. Sometimes, phrases like “Disk Not Formatted” can also be found. The quest then becomes finding the means to repair this damaged partition.

A raw partition can happen to any form of storage devices ranging from hard drive, both internal and external, hard disk, SD cards, USB flash drive and so on. This may be because of these summarized reasons.

  1. When these storage devices are not properly shut down, it may result in a sudden power cut that may damage the device in the process and render existing file into unreadable data
  2. If any of the aforementioned storage devices have bad sectors, the file system may get damaged and render the file into raw partitions.
  3. Virus attack and other security threat may cut short the operational effectiveness of your device and render into a raw partition.

However, before dealing with guidelines and basic steps required to recover Raw partition, one needs to understand essentially what Raw partition itself means. Basically, a partition is raw because it cannot be accessed due to some of the reasons highlighted above. The deeper reason is that this raw file has not been formatted to be either NTFS or FAT. What this means is that the system drivers will only be able to identify these unreadable data as raw or an error contained in the partition of a hard drive that cannot be accessed and not as a file system.

To recover raw partition isn’t so much a big deal. The big deal is to fix the raw partition without losing data. Thankfully, one of the fastest and free raw partition recovery methods is by converting RAW to NTF format which makes it almost readable and there is a handful of damaged partition recovery free software that helps you to repair damaged partitions.

 How to Recover Raw Partitions

Recover Raw Partition to NTFS

The hard drive may be divided into many partitions which allows for it to internally organize your data more appropriately. When this partition happens, there are quite a few file systems you can adopt for your portioning such as exFAT, NTFS, FAT32 and so on. However, for Windows, NTFS seems to be the default files system adopted by hard drives. This default setting in Windows, similarly in other operating systems, can become raw during the process of constantly using storage devices which means that files or data may become unreadable. When this happens, do not be afraid because it is very fixable.

Repair raw partition issues by changing your RAW hard drive to NTFS by adopting the command method of CMD. The steps are easily basic. You may connect the hard drive into a PC and with a right-click, you can scroll and click on the command prompt which you can then run as the administrator. You would have to type in “Diskpart” then the enter key which then follows by typing in “G:/NTFS” and then enter. This will make you Raw partition data to be useful again by changing it into NTFS format. This method is a free raw partition recovery method that repairs damaged partition in windows 7 and almost in all types of Windows OS.

Recovering Raw Partition Using Recoverit

Recover data from raw partition by using Recoverit as it is highly efficient and compatible with all operating systems. It is also easy to use as all you have to do in order to end the inconveniences Raw partition may cause you is to install the software to help you end the problem.  You will have to register the software using a key that would be sent to your mail after which your data recovery process would take just three steps.

The first step is selecting a location where you lost your data and the click on ‘start’ to commence your scanning process.  The other steps are fostered by the understanding of that raw partition fix is essential and as such, Recoverit will help you fix raw partition without losing data as it will scan any detected hard drive or external hard drive to help you recover any raw partition. The software program comes with preview features that allow you to preview all scanned and retrievable data after which it allows you the access to damaged partition recovery download where you can recover those data that are very dear to you. The application is time efficient also as it doesn’t take forever to get all scanned or to have scanned data restored.

In case you run into any difficulty, whether in previewing your recovered data Recoverit inbuilt tips for you as well as a ready-made video tutorial you can stream or download that provides in detail step-by-step approach that you may need to follow in order to bring the software to help you recover your raw partitions.


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