The definitive guide to choose an online casino

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Managing online casinos is undoubtedly an interesting activity. Online casinos are born and die almost every week. Currently, players can choose more than 1000 online casinos.

Choosing the right casino from such a quantity may not be that simple. Actually no. When choosing an online casino, you need to consider several factors that are not clear to laymen at first sight.

In choosing the best casino for you, you must first ensure that it meets the most important requirements, such as the acceptance of players from your country and the reputation of the casino in connection with fair play and payment of winnings. Second, you can choose a casino based on the availability of customer service in your language, the pleasure of site design, or the choice of certain games available.

We have tried to include casinos that have most of these features on our online casino list. Use our casino list freely, with advanced filtering features, to find the online casino that best meets your needs.

1. The casino accepts players from your country without ordering

It must always be ensured that the casino accepts players from the country where you live without a reservation. Many countries prohibit the operation of online casinos within their borders. In fact, not all countries impose such restrictions on any casino. In addition, not all countries can interfere in casino activities located in areas protected by their betting laws.

If you live in one of these countries, you might find a casino that allows you to register and play, but if you win, you will be asked to provide proof of residence in another country. In such cases they will appeal to their own terms and conditions.

Suggestion: If in doubt, it is best to request an online casino chat before making a deposit. Use the following question: “Hi, I am the player who lives in (your country). I want to know if you accept one of the players who live in (your country). I can register at the casino, deposit money, play, win, so too draw my victory? “If the answer is positive, take a screenshot of the conversation and save it.

2. Online casinos should have a good reputation.

Online casinos like insurance companies. You will realize that it is a good insurance company when, after an accident, it will pay you fair compensation for the damage suffered. Likewise, you will realize that you are playing in a good casino after winning a large amount and getting paid without problems. There are many cases of documented fraud committed by online casinos directly against players.

The most common examples of cheating are:

– The casino refuses to liquidate the amount legally won by the player:
– The casino marks victory as a software error and rejects the player’s right to take it. The casino tries to convince the player to receive a fee of 10-20% of the amount won before.
– Casino places the continuation of the game as a payment term.
– The casino sets a low withdrawal limit that does not make sense, which limits the withdrawal of higher wins.
– Without legitimate reasons, casinos delay (weeks or even months) withdrawals. The casino slows down payment procedures by asking for continuous verification of the player’s identity.
– The casino justifies in other ways non-winnings over the win legally achieved.
– And others

Because of these practices, it’s good to check online casino credentials before depositing money.

  1. Regulatory authority

Each online casino is officially managed by several countries (or regions with special laws / jurisdictions). To enable the operation of online casinos from certain countries, the country must have laws that support online betting. Licenses are granted by the State that wants to regulate and tax online betting of its citizens (UK, Belgium, Romania, etc.) or by jurisdictions that want to allow casinos to operate throughout the world (Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, etc.). For example, is regulated by German rules.

If casinos insist on refusing to pay your legitimate win, the only choice you have is to contact the regulatory authority that gives the casino license. This is a striking case about how important it is to choose a casino based on who licenses it. Good regulatory authorities must always stand independently for fair gambling. This must evaluate and investigate each official complaint correctly. If there is a serious violation of regulations by the casino, you can agree to revoke the license.

There are still several other parameters to determine whether a casino is worth visiting. But the three parameters above are enough to start. In essence, don’t rush to decide the location where you will risk your money.


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