UK gambling habits

uk gambling

The UK is a massive gambling nation and always has been. Some of the oldest existing bookmakers opened their doors in the UK over a hundred years ago and generations of gamblers have been betting in the UK for decades.

Today, betting remains rife. Some players like the thrill of sports betting while others favour playing on casino online games, with many enjoying both. Here is a rundown of the betting habits in the UK.

Sports, Sports, Sports

The bread and butter of the British gambler isbetting on sports at online bookmakers. This is by far the most popular form of betting in the UK, particularly with young men but not exclusively. It is often a talking point among bettors at the pub, at work or down the gym.

With sports betting becoming an increasingly prevalent part of day to day life thanks to mobile online sportsbooks. While football is certainly the most popular sport to bet on, depending on your preference you may choose to bet on Rugby, Cricket or Tennis.

Down The Races

Horse racing is an important part of British culture. Even the Queen frequents horse racing tracks on a regular basis. Therefore, it is no surprise that horse races are popular for people to bet on. Whether they are actually attending the track with their friends for a day out, or just betting on races online, it is a large element of the betting landscape.

The biggest event for horse race betting is the Grand National. Even people who won’t place a single bet for the rest of the year will place a bet on the Grand National.


Bingo is another game that is a popular choice in the UK. There are Bingo Halls up and down the country in practically every town or city, not to mention online Bingo sites too. Although it is stereotypically a game for the older generation, you will find a fair few young players ticking off numbers too. The chilled, straightforward nature of the game is likely why it is so popular among all ages.

Fruit Machines

You can find fruit machines in loads of locations across the country and they have become a bit of a staple feature of the classic English pub. They are fading out a bit now but there are still a lot of people who will put a few pounds in to try and turn a profit on them.

National Lottery and Scratch cards

Most people don’t even consider the lottery or scratch cards gambling, but they certainly do qualify. Every week thousands or brits spend a couple of pounds in the weekly lottery draws or buy scratch cards hoping to win themselves a jackpot, and it has changed a lot of people’s lives significantly for the better.

Casino Games

Like nearly every country in the world, casino games are also a popular option. Many Brits particularly like blackjack or roulette, but may indulge in other casino games to. Poker nights, for example, are a common occurrence too. While some people may attend their local casino, going online to play casino games is growing in popularity immensely thanks to the convenience it provides.


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