WhatsApp – The most used app

WhatsApp Messenger is now the most popular app for Instant Messaging and calls on iOS and Android.

With the app, texting is no longer restricted to words. Chat for free with anyone else who owns the app and use some of the extra features that makes messaging more fun!

With WhatsApp installed on your smartphone, you’ll save a little money on texts and probably on calls as well. But there might be only one disadvantage of the app. You can only interact with someone that has WhatsApp as well.

A decade ago, WhatsApp was not as we see it today. It was just an app that allowed texting and came up with a gallery of basic emoticons. Today, we can chat, call, video call, update photos and statuses and even send voice messages. Not to forget,the classic gallery of emoticons that now ranges from three degrees of smiles to Moai of Easter Island.

WhatsApp Messenger was acquired by Facebook and while that did not bring a big change to the app, it remained a question on how Facebook was going to use it. Did they buy it because it was incredibly popular? Facebook already came up with its own Messenger, which obviously is less famed that WhatsApp. We only have to see if being with Facebook brings some core changes to how we use WhatsApp in the near future.

What was just an app for instant messaging is now used for reporting news, marketing and business purposes. Yes! WhatsApp is a way to get in touch with a client, without being too clingy to the texts and invest in text programs. Since many marketers know that people use WhatsApp on a daily basis, one might think that it is a very great way to leave a text that will surely not go unnoticed.

In this digital era, marketers are using all social media platforms to market their goods. From people selling candies to casino owners, they are all hooked onto Facebook to increase traffic and visibility of their services and products.

Let’s take Magical Vegas Facebook Page for example. A casino site that is based in the UK! It maintains and updates its Facebook page for players to check out the newest games or promotions that were released.

In addition, they organise trivia games for the fans who might win Free Spins. With a welcome offer onthefirst deposit, new games added weekly and glamorous theme, Magical Vegas knows how to do marketing!

Free apps are on the rise. But quality ones are scarce. WhatsApp Messenger is free, and you might enjoy it by downloading it on the Appstore of your smartphone. Keep an eye out,it tends to offer updates every 1 or 2 months!

Overall, WhatsApp Messenger is not much different from other apps that grant messaging services. It might be more fun to add GIFs on your texts but at this point intime, we can expect things to change swiftly! If you do a lot of texting, then this app is a must-have!


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