How to get rich dealing in modern art & vintage furniture

We are a nation of house-buyers, with Brits desperate to put their money in bricks and mortar. However with mortgages harder to come by people are seeking out alternative options. If you have some collateral, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest. And I may have a solution for you – dealing in modern art and vintage late twentieth-century furniture. exceeds £150,000 crowdfunding target, the leading supplier of online access to the Bar, has exceeded its target of raising more than £150,000 through crowdfunding – boasting a final investment of 188,770. myBarrister is the first barrister service to use crowdfunding to raise funds, marking a milestone in the legal industry.

LOVESPACE hits £1.6m on Crowdcube

LOVESPACE, a distinctive storage company founded by Streetcar co-founder and entrepreneur Brett Akker, has attracted major venture capital firm, DN Capital, alongside the crowd to help raise £1.6m on equity crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube

How to find funding & grow your business in 2014

As the Bank’s purse strings look set to remain tightly closed for business loans, many small businesses are left struggling to find the funding they so desperately need to expand and grow their business. So what is the answer? Many businesses have turned to angel finance and found it ready, willing and able to help them.