‘Recession? What recession?’

While the world’s economy might be turbulent for those on the lower end of the economic scale, it is a smoother journey for those riding high enough to shrug off that economic bumpiness. These are Varsano’s clients; the ultra high net worth individuals who purchase the three types of jets he sells: the super mid-size, the large-cabin and the ultra-long range, which occupy the $30 million range of aircraft.

Fifteen years ago his clients were largely American but last year saw 35 percent of his clients coming from mainland China.

And come they do, to Varsano’s ultra-luxurious and high tech showroom in London where he has a full size replica of the interior of an Airbus A319 waiting for guests to visit. And if they can’t come to the office/showroom, The Jet Business owner will come to them.

The Jet Business, which touts itself as “the world’s first corporate aviation showroom for business jet aircraft” acts as a brokerage between those looking to purchase jets and those who are looking to sell them, mostly focusing on pre-owned.

Varsano keeps a database of available business jets around the world and displays the different types for clients on an 8.5 by 2.5 metre display screen where they can compare different planes in more detail than any press kit from a manufacturer could offer.

“When we are selling a plane, we get photos taken in high resolution,” Varsano says. “You really feel like you are inside the plane when you look at the photograph life-size on the screen.”

Locating his office and showroom in London was a strategic step by Varsano, who notes that his clients almost always pass through the city on their way to somewhere.

The showroom hosts one party at a time by appointment only and promises a discreet shopping experience thanks to the fact that the showrooms transparent windows can become cloudy with the flick of a switch.

“You see through it one minute and then it goes opaque the next,” he explains.

The Jet Business opened its doors at One Grosvenor Place in London, one of the city’s richer areas, in January of this year and already the company has welcomed clients from all over the world, including: India, China, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, France, Nigeria and Monaco and doubled the number of pre-owned aircraft it has in its database.

“We are building up a significant pipeline of interest and are in various stages of the acquisition process with different clients,” Varsano says. “Without a doubt, the highly visible location of this showroom and the unique technology we are showcasing within is playing a huge part in this success.

Furthermore, the word of mouth recommendations and the endorsements we’ve received from the industry has led to some significant new introductions which we would not have had access to so easily before.   During the weekends we have entertained serious international clientele visitors here.  It’s a first class problem to have.”


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