Duedil launches features that are part of on-going redesign

According to Duedil founder, Damian Kimmelman: “We’re particularly pleased to announce that our new ratios widget provides deeper insight into financial data and that the Duedil Chrome app is back for Google Chrome users.”

The Duedil Chrome extension provides instant financial information for companies with
websites in the UK and Northern Ireland. Chrome users can access data on company
financials and directors, social data and much more by clicking on the Duedil logo
installed in their browsers.

A new ratios widget gives users the insight of accountants and bankers by showing a
company’s health using crucial figures such as its gearing level, profit ratio and return
on capital.

Kimmelman continues: “Another improved feature is the speed of data imports. What used
to take two weeks can now be done in just nine minutes, and soon we’re hoping to provide
daily updates.

“Drastically shorter loading times and seamless transitions between pages have also
improved user experience. These latest offerings are just a small glimpse of what we have
planned for Duedil in the coming months.”


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