Apprentice finalist Nick Holzherr launches £14,000 funding bid for Whisk

The funding will go towards building a new App for Whisk so that the online recipe and food shopping site is accessible on as many platforms as possible, including iPhone, androids, tablets and other devices.

Nick shot to fame, and developed a significant female following, when he competed in The Apprentice and came up with the idea for Whisk. He’s subsequently successfully raised significant funding to launch the business for real.

Whisk is an online service that takes the hassle out purchasing food for home cooking. The service brings together online recipes and online shopping, allowing users to purchase ingredients for recipes in a few clicks.
Whisk interprets recipes, creates a shopping list and then adds that shopping list into the basket of the user’s online supermarket of choice. At first, Whisk will connect to a few select supermarkets and the list of online retailers that are available to check out with will increase regularly.It enables you to browse the web looking for recipes. These recipes can be on any website, be it BBC food online or a blog that belongs to a friend of yours.

You select the recipes you would like to cook during the week, and the Whisk software will read your recipes and create a shopping list for you.
You can specify how many people you would like to cook for, and Whisk will add or reduce the amount of food you have on your shopping list.The new App. will enable you to take the shopping list with you on the Whisk app and purchase your food at your local supermarket.

Whisk is offering a whole range of rewards in return for pledges of cash on
Pledging £15 gets you early adopter status, which includes a whisk badge and thank you letter, £35, a whisk t-shirt signed by Nick, £40 a Whisk apron, £120 invites to the Whisk launch party, £250 a chance to have coffee and mentoring with Nick where you can show him your business plan, £450 a 3 meal course cooked by Nick and the Whisk team and for £650 you can get Nick to talk at your event.

“We’re really excited about doing a fund-raising bid on for our new App,” said Nick. “It will allow people to take Whisk them to the supermarket to make their lives even easier. Doing it with makes perfect sense as it’s about getting people to get behind great ideas.”

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