7 reasons every business needs life insurance

life insurance

Businesses run on assets. Hence, insurance for offices, factories and other important enabling assets of a business are crucial.

However, a business never runs solely on material resources. A very important resource for any business is the manpower.

Ensuring this manpower’s safety and sufficient supply is what will make a business grow despite other things not working out.

Life insurance provides stability and a foundation that enables individuals and businesses to pursue their goals without inhibitions and fear of unexpected circumstances.

Business owners should definitely get life insurance for themselves and their employees in order to protect the assets that are the most important for any business to grow.

Why you should get life insurance today?

Getting group life insurance has more benefits than just ensuring the health of your employees.

It can also have benefits for your business. Keep on reading to find out what these are.

  1. Attract the top talent and retain the best

The security that comes with life insurance does not go unnoticed by employees.

The world has moved far beyond a whip-and-chain system where workers are content with degradation. Employees understand that their employers also depend upon them.

Employees today are driven with their own passions and ambitions. They work hard for the success of a company if they feel they belong in it.

Employees also expect the company to provide for them as they conform to all its requirements and nurture it with all their hard-work.

A company that understands its responsibility towards the employees is always preferred by the employees, as it gives them a sense of belonging.

A business can set itself apart from others in recruiting and retaining the top talent with this small measure.

This way, any business is sure to find and produce hard-working and loyal employees who will effectively contribute to the growth of your company.

  1. Tax Minimization

A group life insurance policy can also help you save tax, just as many other policies do.

The insurance cash-value of a policy tax-free, which is why many banks and companies fund life insurance too.

For the purpose of tax minimization, it is important to consult your financial advisors and check the prevalent laws in your state.

  1. Business Capital and Generation of Revenue

Life insurance set up by a company for the employees means that the primary owner of the policy is the company.

This gives the company the first rights to the cash-value of the policy. This amount can come in handy at times when the business needs it.

Owners can choose to leverage against this cash value when the business needs a boost, and later, the capital can be redirected to the life insurance. This amount is ready to be used again when need arises.

This way life insurance not only becomes beneficial for the employees but also helps in the growth of the business.

  1. Succession Plan/Exit Policy

Life insurance plans can be specially drafted to fund a buy-sell agreement for the sake of the company.

Most businesses have multiple partners/owners. Upon the death of an owner, the death benefits can be used by the company to buy their share of the company.

However, the shares/interest of the deceased owner will be bought at a previously agreed upon price, owing to the buy-sell agreement.

In case an owner leaves the company simply due to retirement, illness, disability, etc. their policy benefits go directly to the company — serving as capital since the cash value will solely be received by the other owner(s) upon death.

  1. Key-person insurance

A life insurance is very useful in protecting a business at the time of the death of a key-person.

Since this insurance is paid to the company, it gives the business owners the required funds to hire a replacement or get an alternate arrangement in place.

  1. Mortgages and loans

Small businesses often require investments and owners may have to take a loan to meet these if the funds are not available.

In case of the death of an owner before the repayment of the loan is completed, the death benefits from the life insurance can be used to pay off the loan(s).

  1. Retirement security

Business owners and employees all need supplements for retirement, and a life insurance can help in providing this security.

Such a plan is very helpful as well as attractive, but it is important to structure the plan correctly so that execution is also done properly.

It is important to consult professionals for this kind of an investment, but is definitely worth the effort for the advantages it offers.


Regardless of what a business does, as long as it has people in it, a life insurance is necessary.

A well-planned life insurance and benefits plan will make the company function much better.

Life insurance is essential when an unexpected death or disability occurs, as it enables the business to keep running.

A business should properly evaluate and understand life insurance policies and their structure to provide their employees with the best while making sure the business keeps running smoothly.

It can provide not only life benefits but also tax benefits to the company. It can serve as capital for the company and help getting the best employees and then retaining them.

There are endless ways in which such a structure can enable better performance of the company                                                                                                                                               as well as its employees.


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