Are you one of life’s ‘initiators’…or merely one of the ‘herd’?

A further one in five people – ‘disorganisers’ with an aversion to being- admit to never organising work meetings or social get togethers, whilst 55 per cent of respondents organise some meetings but are generally happy to herded by others.

The more senior the person, the more likely they are to be an initiator. These people tend to be busier than others, have more appointments per week and more contacts to manage. They also are more likely to use tools to help get meetings scheduled more efficiently.

Both initiators and other respondents are most annoyed by unresponsive people when they are trying to organise a group meeting – people that don’t respond was found to be more annoying than the difficulty of finding a suitable time or even no-shows and last minute cancellations.

“Scheduling meetings can be a real source of stress, so don’t let one person always take the strain,” said Tilman Eberle, from Doodle, who commissioned the survey  “Don’t be afraid to get help either – the portion of initiators amongst Doodle users is almost twice that as amongst general internet users.”


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