Being efficient in the workspace is crucial

This research by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles highlights the importance of efficiency in the workplace. Due to increases in fuel prices last year, we had to spend £150,000 more on fuel. However, there are ways to improve fuel efficiency and these can be as simple as taking the shortest routes and placing speed restrictions on vans.
So apart from on fuel how do companies maximise efficiency in the workplace? The good news is that a significant number of businesses have already taken a variety of measures to address efficiency. 
Key steps taken to improve business efficiency include reviewing and changing prices, suppliers and processes. Whilst 42 per cent of business owners say fuel costs are their biggest concern, only one in four are actually reviewing fuel costs.
Energy expert, Dr Paula Owen,  also added: “Many companies have found that taking steps to improve efficiency – such as giving employees more local control of their lighting, heating, and cooling – can increase productivity and decrease absenteeism.  According to the UK Government, buildings are responsible for virtually 50 per cent of our energy consumption and carbon emissions at a cost of over £70 billion per year. Therefore reducing the environmental impact for many companies will not only benefit the environment but also their bottom line and workplace efficiency.”
Having effective workplace systems are vital to the smooth running of any efficient company. Dr Owen provides her top five simple tips for resource efficiency in the workplace that every business can introduce to help keep bills down:
  1. Using motion sensors for lighting can cut energy use by 10 percent so consider installing motion sensors in toilets, conference and meeting rooms and storage areas
  2. LED light units can approach 80 percent efficiency, meaning 80 percent of the energy used is converted into light energy
  3. Use reusable cups, mugs and glasses rather than one-off, throwaway, plastic equivalents
  4. If printing drafts, be sure to choose the ‘eco’ option, print double sided and print in grey scale rather than colour
  5. Office equipment and electronics use energy even when idle or on stand-by so unplug laptop power cords when not in use and turn off equipment at the end of the day

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