Dealing With Christmas Objections – Part Two

It’s always interesting as we head towards the festive period, how many business owners and salespeople always fall for the ‘call me back after Christmas/call me back in the New Year’ objections!
This week I looked at some top tips on improving your sales techniques to avoid the Christmas holiday objections.
Sales Tip Number 1 – Be Prepared
You know you’re going to start getting these sorts of objections from November onwards, so you need to prepare for them!
I hear so many business owners and salespeople fall for these same objections year after year! Why not consider how you’re going to deal with them and practice your responses? Most people fail to do even those simple things!
This means working out your objection handles, then practicing them with friends, colleagues or even in meetings with the rest of the sales team! The better prepared you are for when the objections come up, the better you’ll deal with them! That goes for the other objections you face as well, but let’s focus on the ‘Christmas’ ones for now!
And please, don’t leave this until the last few moments before your telephone call or client meeting (or even worse – until you’re waiting in reception), do this in ‘small chunks’ – a little bit at a time but done on a regular basis – that helps you remember and use the objection handles best.
Sales Tip Number 2 – Think About What They Really Mean
Often when the buyer or decision maker says the words ‘call me back after Christmas’, that phrase might have a different meaning than the one you’ve accepted at face value!
Let’s face it – if everyone who said those to you either met with you or bought from you in January, then there wouldn’t be a problem, would there? So I’m talking here about the people that use that phrase, but then don’t seem to necessarily follow through come January.
Let’s think about this a little deeper – might some people use that phrase when actually what they really mean is ‘go away?’ Or perhaps ‘it’s not important enough for me to look at right now?’ As someone who originally trained as a professional buyer, I can guarantee you that’s the case!
Here’s a quick distinction – the more ‘new business’ your telephone call or appointment is, the less rapport you have – therefore the likelihood of them ‘fobbing you off’ is much higher! If you’re with an existing client you have personally a very good relationship with, it’s more likely that they’re telling the truth. 
….Next time I give you some final tips on how to ask the right questions and having the right attitude and really getting around those Christmas holiday objections.

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