Deliver results for your business; step five

Results are what counts. So how do you get the results you want?

From working with hundreds of SME clients over the last 10 years, and from 15 years of personal experience in multinationals prior to that, I’ve distilled out my six top tips to ensure you have the know-how to do just that.

This week, step five;

Take action!

When I was working with Honda many years ago, one of their people commented about a colleague: “NATO member”. “What did that mean?” I enquired, with the response, “No Action, Talk Only”. It stuck with me and I’m sure you too have come across countless examples!

I’ve also noticed that the people who say their too busy to do things will happily take ½ hour to tell you just how busy they are if you’ll allow them.

The point is that highly successful people find ways to use their 1,440 minutes a day more effectively than others. They do what they’re best at, and delegate or sub contract other tasks. They use those pockets of 5 or 10 minutes that others waste – to make that call, send that email, think about an issue. And once they’ve decided on a course of action, they push on rather than fretting about whether another option might have been better.

When you keep nudging a project along, the momentum builds and reinforces you and your team’s motivation.

Next week – review progress weekly (or even daily).


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