Don’t back down on your sales in December

It often amazes me how many business owners and salespeople start to
wind down believing that potential clients are not looking to buy over
the festive period. With many giving up and falling for the ‘call me
back after Christmas/call me back in the New Year’ objections, valuable
business is being missed and overlooked.

Now admit it, how many of you are guilty of this? How many of you have
called those people back in the new year to find they either still
haven’t made a decision, they give another ‘fob-off’, or even worse –
they are always ‘unavailable’!   Has this ever happened to you?

The challenge is – unless you learn to do something about these
‘Christmas’ objections, you’re going to suffer the same problems year
after year, after year!  If you’d like to do something to tackle it
now, here are some ideas for you….

Tip Number 1
: Be Prepared
You know you’re going to start getting these sorts of objections from
November onwards, so you need to prepare for them! I hear so many
business owners and salespeople fall for these same objections year
after year!  Why not consider how you’re going to deal with them and
practice your responses?  Most people fail to do even those simple

This means working out your objection handles, then practicing them
with friends, colleagues or even in meetings with the rest of the sales
team!  The better prepared you are for when the objections come up, the
better you’ll deal with them! That goes for the other objections you
face as well, but let’s focus on the ‘Christmas’ ones for now!

And please, don’t leave this until the last few moments before your
telephone call or client meeting (or even worse – until you’re waiting
in reception), do this in ‘small chunks’ – a little bit at a time but
done on a regular basis – that helps you remember and use the objection
handles best.

My next top tip for dealing with Christmas objections will be available on Business Matters online soon.


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