Delivering results for your business; step one

Results are what counts. And all the talk, endless effort and countless cash will amount to nothing unless you know how to deliver results.

From working with hundreds of SME clients over the last 10 years, and from 15 years of personal experience in multinationals prior to that, I’ve distilled out my six top tips to ensure you have the know-how to do just that.

This week step one…

1)    Have a clear vision of success

This might be something for the long term, or perhaps just an intermediate point on your company’s journey.

For instance, a) working with a telecoms company, they wanted to grow one part of their business (based on call charges) to more than match their overheads, which meant doubling the volume

b) A start up wind energy company needed to get at least 10 prospective sites in its pipeline as quickly as possible

Outcomes: the telecoms company more than tripled the business within 12 months and the wind energy company achieved its 10 sites within 6 weeks.

Next week step two – Create a 100 day plan.

If you think you’re already doing this and not getting the results you want, I’m always interested in having my insights challenged! Drop me an email and let’s figure it out.


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