Delivering results for your business: step three – engage people and resources

Results are what counts. And all the talk, endless effort and countless cash will amount to nothing unless you know how to deliver results.

From working with hundreds of SME clients over the last 10 years, and from 15 years of personal experience in multinationals prior to that, I’ve distilled out my six top tips to ensure you have the know-how to do just that.

This week step three;

Engage people and resources

When you’ve got the required actions mapped out, it’s time to figure out who you need on board to deliver them, as well as what cash will be required – for instance for any marketing activities. In micro-businesses, it may be you who’s got to do it all – in which case have you got the motivation to break out of current activities which might be in the way, or invest even more time for a period?

With larger businesses, it’s well worth investing ½ – 1 day depending on project size to bring everyone together and thrash through all the issues to ensure everyone understands what’s required and how it all fits together. Better to tease out blocks and barriers and work out how to overcome them at the start – than be quietly sabotaged because key people were ignored.

Next week – Focus on the key tasks.

P.S. Think you’re already doing all this and not getting the results you want? I’m always interested for my insights to be challenged! Drop me an email and let’s figure it out.


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