Just Good Business website launched to inspire business sustainability

Just Good Business has been developed to show how sustainability makes business sense by positively affecting the bottom line, delivering long-term cash flows, encouraging staff retention and building resilience against threats.

Said Michael Izza, ICAEW Chief Executive, who has filmed an introduction to the site, “ICAEW believes that making businesses sustainable is about making sure the business is as efficient as it can possibly be for the long-term. It is about generating cash flow for the long-term, which is at the heart of every business model. All investors want to make sure that the businesses they invest in will be around for the next 10 or more years and sustainability is at the heart of this.”

“This site is for small businesses because sustainability is not exclusively the preserve of big companies.” said Richard Spencer, Head of Sustainability at ICAEW, “Knowing that we all learn best by example, ICAEW has filmed at a number of SMEs that have built resilience and long-term strategic thinking into their business models. They have all embraced sustainable business thought and practices and are seeing measurable, positive outcomes.”

Suffolk-based brewer Adnams, security specialists Wilson James and innovative transport company Riversimple are the first three films to provide inspiration.

Adnams has built sustainability into the core of its business. The company has saved money, built resilience and created considerable brand loyalty – a business advantage that it’s difficult for competitors to copy.

Taking a ‘whole systems’ approach, rather than optimising every single element in a process, Riversimple clearly shows that sustainable business is very much for SMEs, not just big business

By looking after employees and, by extension, its clients, Wilson James has built a strong base for the future and has shown some simple but innovative ideas for sustainable practices.

Just Good Business is designed to help show how businesses can build a secure, profitable and sustainable enterprise. On the site there is inspiration from other business leaders, advice and resources to help you consider how you can build sustainability into the strategy and plans for your business.

Just Good Business is also supported by AAT and will continue to add filmed case studies and resources for businesses on how to take steps to embed sustainability in their enterprises.


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