No Surprise in Supplies

Original HP supplies – backed by a significant annual investment in imaging and printing research and development – are the sensible purchase.  Whether measured by cost per page or maintenance, Original HP supplies are less expensive in the long run.
The benefit of the HP printing system – the printer, toner cartridge and paper – is that the three are designed to work perfectly together every time.  Non-HP original cartridges, on the other hand, are not optimized for use with HP printers and their use can lead to the following issues:
  • Printer warranty issues – any damage caused by non-HP low-quality toners may not be covered by your warranty 
  • Increased repair costs 
  • Quality issues such as poor prints can cause frequent reprints, which translate into a waste of energy, paper and time
Original HP toner cartridges, however, deliver high quality and print consistency over the full lifecycle of the cartridge. 
These findings are supported by a recent 2010 reliability test by QualityLogic Inc., where original HP toner cartridges outperformed leading remanufactured alternatives in reliability, print quality consistency, optical density and toner adhesion. 
When combining all problem categories, HP LaserJet print cartridges exhibited no reliability failures in the study, compared to an average of 41.7per cent for the non-HP toner cartridges tested. What is more, HP LaserJet print cartridges printed an average 97per cent of sample pages categorized as acceptable for all uses, compared to an average of 61per cent for the non-HP toner cartridges tested.
In terms of optical density, non-HP toner cartridges were on average 15.5per cent lighter for the grey patch, 12.9per cent lighter for the dark grey patch and 5.1per cent lighter for the black patch, compared to the average HP LaserJet print cartridge tested. Regarding toner adhesion, the non-HP cartridge tested was on average 11.3per cent lighter after the toner adhesion test (4.4X the HP result).
Non-HP toner cartridges can also cost up to twice as much over time than Original HP LaserJet print cartridges.
Proven to outperform, Original HP LaserJet cartridges consistently deliver striking results that make you and your business look good. With HP, there are no surprise in supplies.  

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