Smart Business Strategies For Online Casinos – VR, New Markets & TV

With the addition of TV ads to expanding licenses, and virtual reality products, top casinos are working to stay abreast of new developments. With so many changes on the horizon, let’s delve into the online casino industry and its recent business growth strategies.

For one, Monster Casino launched a new TV ad campaign as a strategy to reach new players who visit casinos, but are unaware of their online casino options. The ad demonstrates the experience of desktop and mobile gaming platforms. Creating awareness for the older demographic who watch TV instead of YouTube videos, and who may have more disposable income, is a smart business move to tap into new media channels.

Unfortunately, TV ad campaigns don’t always go well: UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently had to ban a StarWins Casino TV ad.

The online casino was slapped on the wrist for “objectifying women and linking gambling to seduction and enhanced attractiveness.” Having an advertisement banned can work in your favour if you believe there’s no such thing as bad press. It has certainly worked well for many businesses who regularly have their ads banned, driving viewers to watch the uncensored adverts online, which keeps these brands on the lips of their consumers.

Along with creating awareness for offerings through established technology like television, keeping younger, savvy customers happy means keeping on top of technological trends. SlotsMillion online casino provides these young techies what they desire with the introduction Virtual Reality casino options such as the first real-money VR casino. The largest age group experimenting with VR is the 18-34 category according to industry professionals.

This makes sense as millennials now having buying power to make decisions which perfectly complements the fast-paced technological advancements. There is major potential for growth in many industries, and Virtual Reality software has a projected estimate of 3,000% in revenue by 2018. VR options are trending as most popular for gaming and travel experiences.

The time to investigate this avenue for online gaming business development is no better than the current.

New markets present new opportunities for many operators. UK, as one of the more lucrative markets, brings with it more diversification in the mix. More online casinos are looking at entering this geographical market for both casino and sportsbetting products by acquiring licenses in the UK. Many offshore companies are expanding into the UK market to ensure continued growth to increase player bases. Entering new spheres to access online players is considered an excellent strategy for exponential business growth.

The beauty of playing at an online casino is that it need not be a short drive away. Users access the gaming experience from the comfort of their own home, playing solo or alongside like-minded individuals across the country or globe. It is a familiar experience made new with modern technology and innovation. Another reason for operators accessing new markets is by an increase in safety. A perfect example is the possible increase in the amount of players opting to go online after the recent attack on a London land based casino.

On 11 May, a gang of hooded men smashed through the glass doors of Leyton Slots, with one of them flashing a gun and opening fire. No one was hurt, nothing was taken, and the criminals haven’t been caught yet. With these safety concerns in mind, online casinos are putting their best feet forward to ensure optimal security for their players, which in turn drives online user acquisition.



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