SmugMug acquires Flickr


SmugMug, the leading photo management platform which specializes in image sharing and hosting service has announced that it has acquired Flickr, the leading online image sharing application.

SmugMug has long used a business model which doesn’t believe in advertising or using the user data for such purposes. Through this acquisition, SmugMug has created the most influential photographing community. With their business model extending towards Flickr, they now benefit millions of photographers putting their artistry above everything else.

Dom MacAskill, the current CEO of SmugMug says that they are all about supporting the photographers and their acquisition of Flickr confirms their commitment. They are about inspiring the photographers to tell the stories, the way they want them and how they want them. Photography has the power to change the world and it is much more than likes. It unites the world as one language and uniting the brands will bring the photography community under one window.


SmugMug was launched in 2002, and since then it has developed to be a brilliant community of photographers globally. It has become a home to millions of photographers and their photographs. SmugMug offers the photographers a safe and easy way to share their stories.

It gives the photographers all the rights to their photos and they have control over who views the photos and it helps them turn it into profit.

SmugMug provides a great platform for budding photographers find their inspiration and a way to learn and share within the community. They also conduct webinars and sessions with leading photographers.


Formed in 2004, Flickr shares the same passion as SmugMug and is already an established global community for photographers to share their passion and inspire others. Andrew Stalden of Flickr which is already home to billions of photographs and their owners tells that his mission is to cater to people, professional or amateurs and their love for photos.

Details about the acquisition

SmugMug vows to revitalize Flickr which has been lying dormant for some time now. A chance interview with SmugMug’s CEO gives more insight into this deal.

  1. Why did SmugMug acquire Flickr?

SmugMug and Flickr focus on the photographers and their passion. Together they became the most influential communities worldwide. When the opportunity came to unite both these companies it was something that had to be done.

  1. What is the plan for the companies in the coming years?

There will be no changes to Flickr immediately but in the coming years the community’s thoughts and ideas will be listened to and will be put to work.

  1. How does it relate to photographers worldwide?

Flickr community is thriving and will operate as a separate brand for the time being. Later on, this will be a community for the photographers to unite and inspire one another. Together the companies will operate depending on the needs of the photographers.

  1. Is the first of the many acquisitions SmugMug plans?

Currently, the only plan is to make Flickr a success and to bring Flickr and its employees into SmugMug gradually while listening to the community to which we serve.

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