The latest office fashion craze? So would you wear a business-suit onesie?

Many who regard the onesie – i.e. a babygro for adults – bad enough will be truly horrified by the latest idea from a designer from California which has combined the garment with the traditional business suit to create what he describes as “the Suitsy”.

After we rechecked that we hadn’t fallen asleep and woken up on the morning of April 1st and this wasn’t an April Fools Day prank we looked at the Suitsy offering as seriously as we could, given that here at Business Matters we try to help our readers stay one step ahead in business.

With a zip hidden behind its false shirt buttons and a jacket sewn onto the shirt front, which is in turn sewn onto the trousers, wearers can dress themselves in the one-piece outfit in a single movement.

“Fake shirt-cuff material extends from the end of the jacket sleeves to give the impression of a complete dress shirt worn underneath,” claims the description for the item on the website for clothing development company “It’s as if a jumpsuit and a business suit had a love child.”

Designer Jesse Herzog has called the outfit “a revolution in apparel for the modern gentleman.”

Herzog added: “Imagine looking professional but feeling like you’re in pajamas. Consider wearing a suit and a onesie at the same time. Welcome to the Suitsy.

“Let’s change the world one better-looking, more leisurely gentleman at a time!”

Reaction since its recent launch have been mixed, with leading fashion magazine GQ urging potential buyers to “imagine yourself not being lazy and buying a proper tailored suit instead.”

Whilst some online commentators have suggested the garment answers the prayers of working men everywhere, others have claimed its design marks “the end of Western civilisation” and is “emotionally upsetting”.


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