Can You Believe These Wild Marketing Ideas Were a Success?

Three Marketing Ideas You Wouldn’t Bet On, but Actually Worked

In the world of marketing there are only two types of campaigns: the ones that work and the ones that don’t. While true marketing experts usually have a better shot at figuring out the winning campaigns, sometimes success boils down to being lucky at the right time with the right market.

For instance, there have been some marketing campaigns that common sense would say are doomed to fail, but these schemes excelled. In most cases, the main reasons for success are due to social media and word-of-mouth. The benefit of using this form of cost-effective marketing when done right is it can cause a marketing campaign to go viral.

Here are 3 examples of some wild marketing ideas that actually worked.

Germanwings “Planemob”

Back in 2010, Germanwings, a discount European air carrier, launched a video ad campaign which was part of the company’s plan to compete with another European air carrier, Ryanair, known for its cheap flights within Europe and for notoriously charging customers for using the toilet.

In the ad, passengers on a Ryanair flight – who were purposely planted by Germanwing – held up cardboard signs with complaints and sarcastic comments that essentially poked fun at Ryanair’s shortcomings. The video ended with a plug for Germanwings: “Next time, let’s just fly Germanwings.” The Germanwings’ “planemob” campaign essentially involved a flip camera and a few cheap plane tickets used by people to hold up basic signs. It went viral on YouTube gaining nearly 400,000 views.

The No Bonus Casino

Online casinos are well known for offering rewarding promotions to attract customers to their sites. Promotions are the main marketing campaigns run by iGaming destinations. However, one particular online casino brand doesn’t offer its players any bonuses. Aptly called the “No Bonus Casino”, the brand is bonus-free. It offers players a fantastic range of gambling entrainment, including games tied to big jackpots, but no bonuses of any kind. Don’t believe it? Check out this No Bonus Casino review.

While this no bonus approach might seem like more of an Achilles heel than a victory for the casino, the opposite is true, with many players enjoying the brand’s no-nonsense approach.

Volta Ferrorama’s toy train event

Volta Ferrorama’s campaign involving a toy train is well-known in Brazil. The Brazilian company wanted to see if their once popular toy train (discontinued in 1989) would attract a new generation of children. Its parent company, Manufatura de Brinquedos Estrela, staged an event that was amplified via the news media, Facebook and Twitter, which engaged tens of thousands of fans, resulted in over 600,000 YouTube views and reached Twitter’s trending topics in Brazil three separate times.

The leading fan group of Ferrorama put together an effort to have the toy train travel an uninterrupted 20 km through city streets and beyond. Volunteers who took part continuously moved the track to keep the train going to reach to the travel distance goal. The campaign was a success and the toy was re-launched.


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