Dealing With Christmas Objections……

It’s always interesting as we head towards the festive period, how many business owners and salespeople always fall for the ‘call me back after Christmas/call me back in the New Year’ objections!
The problem for most people is that when they call those people back in the New Year, they either still haven’t made a decision, they give another fob-off, or even worse – you can’t seem to get hold of those people ever again! Has this ever happened to you? If you’re anything like the hordes of people that ask me what to do about the Christmas problem every year, you probably get it quite a lot!
So Why Do They Do It?
Why is it that the buyers and decision makers give us the Christmas objections? There are various reasons for this. Sometimes, there’s a genuine reason why they can’t proceed with the order (or appointment) until January – perhaps a colleague is away that needs to be involved, perhaps there isn’t a budget until next year, perhaps even that the person is so focused on delivering existing projects, they just can’t even think about another one!
However as mentioned above – in a number of cases, decision makers use ‘Christmas’ objections as a convenient way of getting salespeople and business owners to ‘go away’. And they keep using them because they work! Far too many salespeople and business owners ‘fall’ for these objections, take the decision makers at their word – only to be surprised come January when they can’t get hold of that person.
The challenge is – unless you learn to do something about these ‘Christmas’ objections, you’re going to suffer the same problems year after year, after year! If you’d like to do something to tackle it now, here are some ideas for you….
Next time…. My top tips on improving your sales techniques to avoid the Christmas holiday objections

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