Ed Balls is hardly a worry to the opposition is he?

That’s a challenge in itself since he was at the core of things when it all went wrong in the first place!
Since losing power at last year’s election Labour’s ‘two Edded’ approach has looked more like the proverbial headless chicken, adding little or nothing to the political debate, except, perhaps, leading the polls for ‘Most Ineffective Opposition For a Century’.
Basically, they’ve only come up with not-so-much a policy, but more of a whine, that the Government is cutting spending too much.
And, having spectacularly failed to register on public opinion in 15 months of opposition, one of the Eds (Balls) has decided to, kind of, admit blame for the banking crisis, and, kind of, admit that what the Government is doing is necessary, without actually saying anything much on anything at all.
I think Ed Balls’ economic policy was summed up when he came out with the following gem, on the Radio 4 this morning: ‘Opposition is about answering the big question, but I cannot answer that question unless people are trusting in our credibility and ability to make tough decisions.’
It seems that ‘Economic’ Ed has correctly spotted that, as Shadow Chancellor it’s his job to come up with something to oppose the actual Chancellor.
But, he then goes on to point out that he can’t do it, unless people trust his ‘credibility and ability’ to make tough decisions.
Seems to me that not only does he not have a clue in policy department, but, by his own logic, ‘Economic’ Ed has excused himself from ever being an effective opposition, or indeed government, as he is probably the last person in Westminster the public are likely to trust (again) with the national purse strings!
In short he hasn’t the foggiest idea what he’s doing, or a snowball’s chance in hell of being allowed to have a crack!
Having turned off my radio in disgust, I was intrigued to see that many of the papers today have gone with a picture of Ed Balls playing football against the press corps (as above) ahead of this week’s Labour Conference.
The photos left me with the thought that he is about as much use to the county’s finances as Man City’s Owen Hargreaves was to his old club Manchester United’s winning of Premiership last year! And, like Hargreaves, if he sticks at the game, he’ll probably end up helping the Blues than the Reds!

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