Unpaid overtime – The TUC gets it wrong AGAIN!

I’d challenge the TUC to give specifics on how many people were surveyed, the jobs they do and what sectors they work in.  Otherwise the research isn’t sound and, in my opinion, the figures are wrong and the survey is biased.
I’m all for paying overtime to people who deserve it, both from the private and the public sector, but this survey does not include those that actually are underpaid and overworked such as NHS nurses and junior doctors as they are not part of the TUC.
The TUC includes civil servants that are far from overworked and underpaid.  It’s more of a case of underworked and overpaid! 
In fact, how many people from the TUC are going to admit to being underworked?  They receive generous salaries and golden pension pots, which is a far cry from being poorly paid and run ragged.
I would question the management of those that took part in this survey as it could well be a case of workers having to do overtime as during their normal working day they’re dragging their heels and wasting time on social networking sites, personal phones calls, fags breaks and whatever else rather than being productive.
If we keep listening to surveys like this we’re going to find it more and more common for trade unions to hold the country to ransom just like the numerous train strikes that have taken place over the last year.
It seems to me that representatives of the TUC have failed to do there to do their job correctly in relation to this survey. Perhaps it’s them that need to do some overtime, unpaid of course!

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