Why People Don’t Buy From You – Part 1

I always find it interesting how many sales opportunities that salespeople or business owners miss out on, often that they could have won!  If they realised how much that lost business was worth over a 12 month period, I’m sure they’d be quicker to do something about it!

 There are many different reasons why a salesperson or business owner loses the sale, but here are a few of the most common – and also the easiest to put right!

Sales Mistake Number 1 – Poor First Impression
I’m astounded how often people struggle to get this one right!  Think about the first impression people have of your business.  If you’re a salesperson, their first impression of your business might be you!  That means looking smart, arriving on time (or early), and looking the person in the eye when you greet them.  If people are coming to your premises, it might be things like how easily they can park, how your receptionist greets them, or the literature in your reception area for example.

An example of a business that often gets this wrong (as anyone who travels a lot knows) is a hotel.  Think about one of your first impressions when you enter a hotel.  The first interaction you normally have with staff is when you check in.  What’s often one of the worst things about a hotel?  That’s right, their checking-in procedure!

Think about it……. it’s 01:00am, you’ve been driving for 3 or 4 hours and you finally reach your hotel for the night.  You’re tired, exhausted and just want to get to bed.  You wearily drag your bags and suit carrier up to the counter to be greeted from a voice (coming from somewhere below the counter) with the immortal line ‘SURNAME?’ Resisting the opportunity just to reply with ‘Yes!’, you drop all your bags, answer their inane questions and fill in the registration card with all the same details you filled in online and that you’ve already given them the 14 times you’ve stayed with them so far this year!

What Could They Do Instead?
Now I might be slightly exaggerating in the above example, but not by much!  Think about what action a hotel could take to improve the experience.  How about if you were greeted with something like ‘Good evening sir.  You’ve probably had a long journey.  While I quickly check you in, I’ll get the porter to take your baggage up to your room straightaway – do you have your booking reference?’

How much extra effort does this take?  Not much!  Is it worth it for the impression it leaves the customer with?  Of course!

So, until next time, the best of luck with your sales!


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