The Apprentice: Who’s who

To kick off series 10, let’s meet the candidates: there’s “no one is as good as me” Steven, Competitive Daniel, “I’m me” Ella Jade, “life’s easier when you’re better looking” Sanjay, Do Not Cross Lauren, ‘Del Boy’ James, Posh Sarah, “I talk the talk, walk the walk and dance the dance” Mark, Chatty Pamela, Boring Robert, Nonsensical Nurun, Third Person Felipe, Stare-y Scott, Over-Enthusiastic Solomon, Bianca, Black Belt Chiles, CEO CFO CRO UFO Or Something Like That Roisin, Swimming Lindsay, Giggly Jemma and Slightly Geordie Katie.

Phew, that’s a lot to get through. Let’s have a look closer at some of these characters.

Chiles appears to be the classic, cold and uncaring Apprentice candidate. He seems to have a sensible business head, and he could go far in the competition, but he will exploit the other candidates in every way he can to get ahead. I’m sure his karate black belt won’t scare the other candidates much at all…

Ella Jade, the perfect example of all talk and no action. When asked about her personality, she responds “I’m me, that’s who I am”. My favourite quote from this young hopeful has to be “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. But what does that mean?! It seems that Ella Jade will be able to waffle on a lot, using long sentences and big words, without really saying much.

Lauren says that if anybody crosses her, they will know about it. While her talents within the business world are yet to be determined, I already sense that Lauren will be around for a while. Her attitude may rub the other candidates up the wrong way.

Over-Enthusiastic Solomon immediately stood out, simply because he was the only candidate to exude positivity. He says himself that he can be annoying, but he seems caring and sensible while still coming across passionate about the process. He will be liked and this may help him when it comes to the difficult choices of who to bring into the boardroom.

Steven, his sixty second audition clip literally consisted of him repeating “I am the best. There is no one better than me”. But this is all he said, there were no facts, no experiences or justifications added to help us believe him, he just was very adamant that he is best. At what, exactly, I do not know.

‘Del Boy’ James currently seems to be slightly ahead of the pack in my pick for who can go far in this series of the Apprentice. He believes he could work well with Lord Sugar, because Lord Sugar has been in his shoes. Starting from nothing, working hard, growing and developing something continuously with no backing is very admirable, and James has already done this. His previous experience seems solid, and more importantly, he seems down to earth, appreciative of others, and won’t let his ego get in his way.

And finally, from the best to the worst, my tip for the first firing is Bianca. You may have noticed that Bianca didn’t get a nickname, and this is simply because I can’t remember anything about her at all. There was no impression made whatsoever. Being quiet and forgettable can work in favour of some people in the early stages of the series, and I could be wrong, but my gut feeling for the first episode is that we won’t see much more of Bianca.

Starting on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One, we will find out. Visit the Apprentice website to see profiles and audition tapes, and decide who you would fire first.

Written by Cara Lack


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