Cable in danger of becoming the ‘No-Business Secretary’

If we aren’t careful we’ll have to rename big Vince Cable the ‘No-Business’ Secretary, since that’s what he’ll be responsible for if he keeps on with his poisonous policies.

To the surprise of many, I can’t help but agree with a venture capitalist on this one when, Adrian Beecroft, said that Mr Cable’s ‘Socialist tendencies’ appear to ‘do very little to support business’.

Mr Beecroft believes the economy will grow by five per cent less than expected, that’s more than £50billion, because of the Government’s failure to push through radical reform of employment laws.

One of his key recommendations to Mr Cable was to make it easier for firms to sack poor performers, were dismissed as ‘bonkers’ by the Liberal Democrats.

I’d go further and say Vince Cable is more like a clapped-out old engine chained to the proverbial ankle of our economy, which is likely to have us all sleeping with the fish at the bottom of the Thames if he’s not neutralised!

On a less surreal note I wouldn’t put him in charge of a broom at Pimlico Plumbers. I could be wrong of course, but I ain’t!

And, under Vince’s crazy rationale even if he was the best sweeper upper on the planet I’d never give him a chance, since I’d be too worried to take a punt on giving him a job!

Vince reckons the idea that bosses like me would be less wary about hiring people if we knew we could rectify our mistakes when occasionally they occur, is a load of ‘complete nonsense’.

Let’s put that one to bed right now; Mr Cable you are talking complete rubbish! When I’m thinking about whether to hire or not, the thought of the potential cost of rectifying a bad employment decision, one way or another, is frightening!

The irony of all this is that it’s Mr Cable’s Socialism that is threatening, and even hindering the recovery, leaving the government open to attack from the legitimate left wingers, the double-‘eds – Balls and Miliband.

Basically Vince, do us all a favour and take the summer off like thousands of your staff, watch the Olympics, and we might have an economy left next year.


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