Entrepreneurs should show ‘Business Pride’ so Chancellor can cut taxes

So, George Osborne wants people like me to make more noise about the need to cut taxes to help make the UK more profitable does he?

Fair enough I guess, although short of hiring a band to play Status Quo’s hit ‘Down Down’ on Whitehall, right outside Downing Street, I’m not sure how much more I can do.

During the pre-budget ‘Scrap the Tax’ campaign I, and a few others, put in a hell of a shift. I can’t remember how many interviews with papers, TV and Radio I did that day, but I do remember I left home for the first one at just after 5am and was still going at midnight.

It was of course satisfying to think that we did have an effect on the debate, which in some small way led to the top rate being lowered to 45p in the pound.

But here’s where I can see where Mr Osborne is coming from. There were 500 of my fellow entrepreneurs who signed the campaign letter calling on the Chancellor to cut Darling’s odious tax on success, but when it came to fronting up to explain our reasons, those of us out there on the day were spread pretty thin.

I don’t know exactly why that was, but I’ll take a punt that some who might be happy to stand amongst hundreds, are not so comfortable to be singled out as the face of the ‘evil rich’. I don’t get it, I really don’t.

Why is it okay to be a footballer, or a waste of space ‘Reality TV’ star, and be paid hundreds of thousands a week, but if you graft for your money in a business suit you are vilified as some kind of modern-day robber baron?

Maybe it’s the example set by the bankers, or a few mega high-flyers running public companies, whose pay surges with good results, but doesn’t seem to recede on poor ones (more about that another day)?

Whatever it is we have to get out there and make people understand that we are the good guys in this production, and without us getting out there and making profits, and yes, taking home a good wedge, there will be no recovery, no jobs and no return to the good times.

So George, I for one want you to cut taxes (and red tape) immediately and by as much as possible, so that my business and those like it can thrive.

And to all my fellow business people – get off your backsides and show a bit of ‘Business Pride’, wear your suits proudly and maybe we can de-stigmatise our lifestyle choice in the public psyche?


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