Isn’t it time for the BBC to sack The Apprentice?

As welcome as a prostate examination and equally likely to bring tears to your eyes  – especially if you want to see a prime time TV show that actually says something good about being in business!

Ahead of the start of the programme next week, we have been treated to the annual unveiling of a bunch of contestants, who, if you believe their CVs, are so successful in their own rights that they must all have masochistic personalities to put themselves in the hands of the miserable mentor.

They will all famously put in ‘110%’ to impress the sour Lord Sugar, stabbing each other in the back while all the time thinking outside the box!

I just wish they would get them off the box!

Especially since I’m not sure what we have done to deserve a ninth annual assault on what real business actually represents.

Bullying, spreading blame, and trying to get away with doing as little actual work while taking the maximum of credit, have no place in the modern business environment.

Perhaps the final nail in The Apprentice’s Coffin might be the report, released today (focusing on 2005-2012) which suggested there was “a strong undercurrent of fear” at the BBC when addressing issues of bullying?

Yes, business is tough, but this is the 21st Century where people are treated fairly and not downtrodden by some stereotypical whip-cracking boss-character more at home in a 1970s BBC sit-com.

As someone mentioned to me earlier on Twitter when discussing The Apprentice, you can’t go around telling people “you’re fired” otherwise you end up in court…


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