Take Vince Cable’s tainted money? You must be mad!

I strongly advise every small and medium-sized business owner in the country to show Vince Cable and his mates in the City the door when they come waving fool’s gold in their faces.
There is no chance in hell I would ever hand over part of my company to a bunch of bankers in exchange for some of their tainted cash.  Why would any sane business person allow a bank to have shares in their operation and a seat on the board?
“To add insult to injury, as a result of the bailout, the money they are using to worm their way into honest businesses is mine. 
It makes me think of the Chicago mob in the 1930s using money raised from protection rackets, prostitution and drugs to buy their way into legitimate businesses in an effort to launder their ill-gotten gains. This, if not legally in the same ball park, is certainly on a moral scale disgracefully close and I can’t believe the Coalition has allowed its name to be associated with it.
Vince Cable is already tainted by the News Corporation scandal and once again he’s showing a huge lack of judgement.
Every way you look at this £2.5 billion scheme it is wrong. Let’s get this straight; the banks run themselves into the ground, then we bail them out, then they refuse to lend to businesses despite endless urging from the business community and lobby groups as well as, of course, the Government who are desperate to get us out of the recession that the bankers caused in the first place.
Now the City sense that the market is desperate for capital – because they cut off the supply – these crooks in suits are now offering handfuls of cash in exchange for getting their hooks into the heart of the UK’s small and medium sized business community.

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