Business Matters Podcast: Growing your business


Recently I met up with Business Matters columnist and founder of Calm People, Julian Hall.

Here we discuss some of the problems that startups face when they first go it alone.

Motivating yourself:

Start-ups find a core problem is keeping motivating when they don’t have a boss to report to, it can be a culture change for many people. Julian gets to the root cause of people’s apathy by explaining self-appreciation and self-compassion; dealing with fear; and delivering tips and tricks to keep you motivated and help your business thrive


Building relationships: People still buy from people and here Julian explains how to build, and keep those longer term effective relationships that will be good for businesses. Networking is not just about business; how to build, and keep, successful relationships in businesses.


Combatting loneliness: Why loneliness is a common start-up problem and how to avoid it and how to build support groups


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