Businesses stocking up: London’s firms take steps to reduce deliveries during Games-time

According to a survey by Transport for London and London 2012, over a third are considering stocking up on non-perishable goods, such as stationery, in advance of the Games.

Just under ten per cent are even working with neighbouring businesses to ensure they are prepared for the Games, however only two per cent are considering preventative vehicle maintenance to avoid any potential breakdowns during Games-time.

Motorists are being advised to avoid central London, areas around the Olympic Route Network, and Games venues from mid-July. For that reason, freight operators and their customers are being urged to plan ahead and reduce, re-route, re-time or switch deliveries to an alternative mode of transport wherever possible.

TfL is continuing to provide support to the more than 24,000 businesses that have attended transport workshops ahead of the Games through weekly emails. This will be increased to twice daily throughout the Games enabling freight companies and businesses to update their plans if necessary.

Ben Plowden, Director of Planning at TfL Surface Transport, said: “During the Games, London will become a massive sporting and cultural venue, which means public transport and roads in central London and around venues will be exceptionally busy. Freight accounts for 25 per cent of traffic in central London, so it’s encouraging to see that so many businesses are considering steps to reduce deliveries. Some companies are even sharing resources with neighbouring companies, which might be something that businesses would continue to benefit from after the Games have finished.”


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