Cabinet Office warns that the Olympics could crash the internet

The Cabinet Office warned that business will have to expect loss of internet connections due to the massive surge in demand that will be caused by the London Olympics.

“We have experienced a huge increase in requests from companies hoping to put home-working plans into force before the games,” said Gary David Smith – co-founder of Prism Total IT Solutions.

“For many companies this will involve using ‘cloud’ technology but they have to consider the security and storage of their data, back-ups and how the cloud will cope with internet shut downs.”

“We are recommending that certain aspects of Cloud Computing are used as a complimentary service to their current business infrastructures to support home working during the Olympics,” said Smith.

In its publication ‘Preparing your Business for the Games’ the Cabinet Office says that besides potential breaks in service internet providers “may introduce data caps during peak times to try to spread the loading and give a more equal service to their entire customer base.”

The Olympic and Paralympic Games combined have become the world’s biggest sporting jamboree. Government predicts that 800,000 spectators and 55,000 athletes, officials, organisers and press will be travelling between the various venues for every day of the games.

“Home-working will be best employed if it is allied to flexible hours to avoid high-traffic internet periods. After all, less time commuting does allow business some leverage with the workers they are sending home to work,” concluded Smith.


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